Creating a realistic fabric basket

Hi, I would be very grateful for advice on how best to create a close replication of a basket product. Two images are attached, one of the real product and another from my efforts in SketchUp.

I’m struggling with replicating the creases/folds from the fabric in the real image to be portrayed in the model I’ve drawn. I’ve seen suggestions on the forum, like Clothworks. I haven’t purchased the license but have tried making the upper part a collider and the lower section of the basket cloth, hoping that the cloth sticks to the collider and creates a drooped effect. This would work if it would stick to the collider but what happens is it attaches itself to just one corner of the collider and leaves the whole basket drooping diagonally, image attached.

Another idea I have is to use V-ray’s diffusion/displacement/bump map material when rendering in V-ray.

I was wondering whether there’s a better way to do this or a simple solution that gives the desired effect. Again, any advice is appreciated, and thanks for taking the time to read

If anyone would like the .skp please let me know :slight_smile:

Many thanks.

You’re doing it wrong, you must create pins to hold the cloth, you can use the pins from the tool bar or model something and convert it to a pin. A collider won’t hold the cloth the way you want.

Thank you Francis. That would explain a lot! May have to purchase it for pins to work, maybe not. I’ll have a look now but that has answered it.

Thank you!

Pins work in the free version, you just can’t dynamically move them.
A collider would work too if you if it is a frame and the ‘cloth’ overlaps.
Basically learning to use the tool is what you need.