Creating a control panel with MS Physics

Hello everybody,

can anyone tell me how to create a slider controller/control panel in Sketchup with MS physics?

Bring up the MSPhysics UI (click on the “UI” button in one of the extension’s toolbars). Select a slider object in the model. The UI window should now have a green button labeled “Generate Slider Controller” (in the Joint tab). Click that green button; some text should appear in the text field labeled “Controller”. The next time that you run the simulation, a window should pop up with a controller widget in it.

(For me, that little window pops up every time but the controller widget(s) are missing some large fraction of the time. When that happens I just reset the simulation and start it again. Sometimes it takes a few reset/restart cycles until the popup window has the controller widget(s) in it. This is with MSPhysics 1.0.2 and 1.0.3.)

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thank you

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