Created Objects are formed "inside out"


Hi fellow sketchupers,

I am currently working on a modelling skript for forest plots to depict them on posters. Everything works fine apart from one thing: Sometimes trees are created “inside out”, which you can see in the following picture:

I discovered that this occures randomly when I load the codefile into sketchup, so I think there is not a problem with the code. Either way I just want to detect wether the outside of the object faces inside (or the other way arround) to then turn that arround.
Does on of you know a way of doing this?

I am looking forward to your answers.
Best Regards



The face reversal in FollowMe comes from the interaction of the direction of the path [circle] - cw/ccw - and the orientation of the profile face, when compared to the direction.
Either ensure consistency, or check in your code for both of these factors - reverse the face before the FollowMe, as might be needed…