Why some faces are shown and some not

Hello there!

I got question. I’m wondering why some of faces are showed and some not…
I used follow me tool to make this item, so when finish it manually, looks like this:

I am not sure if I really want to make item already soften…

The grey face looks inside out, this often happens after follow me.

Select the grey face
Right click(pops up menu)
Select reverse faces


Here’s a little info on why SketchUp colors the two sides of the face differently…

Because SketchUp allows you to use both sides of a plane/surface, the front and the back use two different default colors. Knowing how the face is oriented may not be that important if you are staying in SketchUp as you are allowed to texture either side. If you are using the model in another program, the orientation of the face “Normal” , defaulted as white in SketchUp, may be important. Example: Some programs do not recognize textures that have been applied to the non-normal grey side.


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The OP may have been wondering why the upper parts have softened edges, while the lower cylinder has hard edges.

I don’t know for sure myself, if that was the outcome after Follow-Me, why some would be soft and some not - perhaps dependent on whether the followed path had edges (like a polygon) or was made as a circle?

You raise a good point, I suppose it depends on how it was constructed and the method of follow me used.

@Traper maybe you could upload the file so someone could have a look for you?

Use the 7th button from the left when writing a post (it’s a little arrow)

In general, generating a smooth vs. Non-smoothed surface depends on the original geometry that was push/pulled into 3d. If you pull a closed arc/circle/curve, you will get softened geometry… If you put up a surface defined by broken segments, you will get non-smooth geometry.


Both parts should look the same if this was the reason. Maybe the part is too small?