Create washer with dynamic component

Hey there,
thanks 4 the improvements of the last sketchup pro version…
I am working quite a lot with dynamic components and now I wonder if it is possible to create one that builds a simple washer like this withh input fields for outer diameter and inner diameter and thickness…Outer diameter is no problem but how to realize the inner?
Anyone any suggestions / tips?
Thanks a lot


At fist I thought it might be impossible, but you could try:

Create two cylinders- inner and outer one.
Delete top and bottom face. Add all necessary custom attributes and to change dimensions.

Recreate the top and bottom faces as identical components.
Create another set of identical components for the inside hole - that needs to be a components with Cut Opening enabled.

I’ll test if this works
EDIT: It does!


create a circle and push it to a thickness (say 1" radius and 1/4" thick). then create 2 components “__cut_top” and “__cut_bot”. cut top is a circle pushed to the same thickness as the main circle with cut opening, and the bottom is simply a circle flat with cut opening. remove flat faces on these. insert them into the main circle from the component list. you’ll see the cuts. make it a component and set the parameters to align the cuts and the main circle. you can also use this to create square openings, square “washer” plates, etc.
unfortunately the main circle cannot be a group and have the components cut it, that would be a nice feature for SU to acquire.
example washer.skp (120.6 KB)
note: the __ prefix on the components is my shortcut to say " hide these from component reports by filtering for __" so you don’t need to name them like i have. also, probably easier to have the component axis aligned on the main component as well as sub-components as it may make it easier to use them on bolts etc components where you likely want things centered…


I’ve managed to get the cylinders working dynamically, and I have recreated the top and bottom faces, but I can’t seem to get the “cutting component” working. Are you able to share the model (I am running Sketchup 2018) or explain further?

Thanks in advance.

a video