Create terrain from a group of vertices

Hi !

I wonder if anyone know a way to make terrain from a group of vertices without border edges. If there is a plugin that can do this? I´ve tried topo shaper but when you create a terrain with this you need guide points, and then I had to make the guide points manually from the spot elevation. I have a dwg drawing with vertices can I use these instead of making the guide points? I also downloaded vertex tools but it doesn´t bridge the vertex without border edges.
Thankful for any input…

Can you share the file you’re working with so we can see exactly what you’ve got?

I share the dwg file, the skp file I have is too big to upload.
Z-01-P-2B02.dwg (2.6 MB)

I don’t quite understand what you mean by this. Short lines? Components?

If what you have is actual geometry, not guide points etc. the Sandbox from Contours tool can put a surface over any set of edges.

Edit: Looked at your DWG. Both TopoShaper and the Sandbox from Contours tool can put a surface on that. Running Simplify Contours first would be helpful - it looks quite dense.

Edit: those spot elevation markers probably import into SU without the text but the small line as a component. You will have to explode those before running any toposurfacing tool.

Upload the .skp file to DropBox or WE Transfer and share the link.

Check out Toposhaper by Fredo. (screenshots from this video).

Thank you for help, after I exploded the components it worked to generate terrain with toposhaper