Create miter joints with volume outline and follow me tool

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Is there a way to use the follow me tool to create miter joints from a volume outline using the follow me tool?

In this image you can see a manual attempt of what I am trying to achieve.

I want to use this or find a work flow to prototype volumes constructed from plywood sheets (22mm) to then extrude the components that I have to cut on the CNC to actually create it. I always start from a solid form or volume because that is the most important feature of the shape I want to create in the end.

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Your image doesn’t clearly show what you are trying to do. Can you share the model?

What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile says SketchUp Pro 2011 but there is no such version. Knowing the correct version will help us because it’ll let us know what tools you have available.

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Not in one go… Follow-me doesn’t work on forked paths.
It would be easier to give an accurate answer when you share the .skp instead of a screenshot.
You should change your profile, SketchUp Pro 2011 doesn’t exist…

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Thanks for the quick reply. my version should indeed be 2021 whoops…

volumes bettah.skp (109.0 KB)

here is the .skp

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Based on the watermark, it looks like you’re using SketchUp Free (web).

As @tweenulzeven indicated, Follow Me won’t be appropriate here. What is it that you are trying to make? Are you wanting to cut out panels that can be assembled to create this shape?
Screenshot - 1_19_2023 , 7_39_10 AM

When I need to do that sort of thing I use Joint Push/Pull to give thickness to the shape and then split out the panels as separate components.

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Could you maybe show me how that would work, because I have tried it but it did not work for me. I started the sketch in the free online tool because I had to wait for my license to become active since I ordered it trough my university.

And you’re using SketchUp 2021? Or SketchUp 2022?

Here’s an example.

I divided the thing into two parts and use Thicken from the Joint Push/Pull tools to give the panels thickness. I only did one side for the example. After getting the thickness I selected the geometry for a single triangular panel and made it a component. The bevels between panels aren’t flat. If you need that, I would use a different method. I don’t really know what you need out of the model. I didn’t do it here but if this were for shop drawings I would adjust the component axes so the component bounding boxes fit the panels tightly.
panels.skp (35.0 KB)

It is actually 2022 you are right. Sorry for al this confusion.

I have taken a look at your example and this is indeed getting close to what I need. I just feel that this is not accurate enough going to the CNC I guess it is just to heavy computational as a plugin or feature for SketchUp.

I think I will have to find another way to prototype and design the volumes.


It is possible to create more correct panel shapes in SketchUp. It will take more decision making than an extension will be able to handle, though.