Create Foam In Sea Water


Hi, I’m new to the community, I have a question, and I would like you to help me please.

I want to create foam in the water, I know it can be done with vray blend of the vray 3.4, but I still can not do it
I attached this image that was created in sketchup + vray 3.4, and you can see the foam that is in the waves of the water.


I think the best place for this question is


It’s entirely to do with your chosen render engine rather than SketchUp. I am using Thea Render rather Vray but you can see I have several displacement materials for water + foam. I suspect Vray has something similar either native or that you can download for free/retail as an extra material pack.


I doubt you can do that in Sketchup. Vray might not be enough for this alone i believe (not sure). You’ll need a complicated ‘shader’ (material) for this.

I suggest using Blender software that has spectacular ‘Ocean Modifier’ for such purpose. You can animate or ‘pose’ the ocean as you wish and even generate foam with a single click (Almost :upside_down_face:).

Take a look at this video tutorial:
and Part 2 for Materials and Rendering:


Yes I agree with that @filibis , on reflection (no pun intended) you will get much better results with the Blender modifier than Thea, in my experience at least, I have used the modifier myself I don’t know why I did not think of it.

Here is an example (no foam however) I saw yesterday on Blender Reddit.


That shot looks beautiful.
Here is my try (increased foams in the image comparing to video):

And here is the video (Noticed late that foams disappear too quick):


Woah nice work, did you have to animate the boat separately or is there a function in the Ocean Modifier? I need to check in with it soon I have a boat model I want to render.


Thanks. No, i didn’t animate it seperately. I used dynamic paint feature as shown in the first tutorial i shared. So ship took all the movement from the ocean modifier.


The mirror, on reflection, has climbed back on the wall…
(sorry, couldn’t help it, and yes, I’m old…)


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