Create a basic Animation

I use Pro 2023 because I will have access to all things. While I am not a high end user, I am willing to pay the price.
I just created a small project, and and would like to understand how I might animate it showing all of the pieces flying into the frame.
Additionally once everything is in place I would like to continue in a rotation showing all of the features of the project.
Can anyone give me in simple terms how I might accomplish this feat?

You would have to use an extesnion like Fredo’s Animator.
SKetchUp is a 3D modeling software, and does not have very powerful tools for animation, natively.

You can do an animation natively using copies of the components, tags, and scenes. I do this fairly regularly.

Alternatively you could look at Animator from Fredo6 at Sketchucation.

This one was done natively although there’s no camera orbiting. Click on the picture.

It could just have easily been the parts flying in to get assembled.