Create 3D image from cross-sections

I have a set of 2D cross sections as photoshop files, in color, and want to create a 3D rotatable model. The cross-sections are not the same size, though I can line them up on an axis. Which sketchup product will allow me to do this?

(There are 2017-2018 similar questions on this forum but I think an up-to-date response is appropriate.)


You can import the raster images into any version of SketchUp but the desktop version, SketchUp 2024, would have the most tools available for tracing the images once you have them imported. It may be that extensions like FredoSpline, Bezier Spline, or others would be useful. It depends on what you are modeling.

Once the images are “splined”, does ketchup automatically create the 3D rotatable image? I have no idea what is involved.

No. You would have to generate the 3D volumes after using the images as references. The exact steps depend on what it is you are trying to model and what kind of detail you need. Might be a good idea to go to the SketchUp YouTube channel and watch some of the past live stream videos. They’ll give you some ideas.