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Okay Hey since your a person who draws things like I do for use around home . . How do I make a Pencil looking thing ( adapter air pump to air bed ) 2 inches long 50.8 mm long .740inches dia or 18.034 mm in dia or 9.017 Radius last .600 inches / 15.24 mm is taper for fitting in bed . . goes from the .740 inches ( 18.796mm ) down to .700 inches ( 17.780 mm ) ( means a .015 inch flat on the end ) .381 mm flat . . I can’t seem to get the tapered end right will not fill in

How did you get to add the skp file and I can’t ?

This is a Gallery thread and is for @Cotty to show his work, specific questions or comments on his work are appropriate.
Asking basic modelling questions is off topic and rather impolite.
Please ask your questions in an appropriate category in your own thread, this way you get more people looking at your question and you aren’t putting one person on the spot to answer your question.


@Cotty your small projects solve real problems. You should patent them :slight_smile:

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New mounting brackets for a light snake…