Cotty's 3D printing adventures

An adapter for the keder strip as strain relief for the power plug…


I currently use two magnets (one in my pocket and one outside) to hold my hive chisel for beekeeping. So I always have it at hand and do not have to look for it. Over time, however, this sticks with honey and wax, so that often the magnet is pulled off with and the inner magnet disappears somewhere in the pocket.
Therefore, I have designed and printed a holder where the (stronger) magnet is not directly in contact with the hive chisel and the holder is additionally secured by the bracket from slipping down. Looks good, whether it is better, the practice will show…






I have converted the power supply in the caravan, there were many applications for the 3D printer, some of them I will show here below …


The wooden top of the bench always fell down (and on my head) when I want to do something under it, but now it doesn’t…


I have built a wooden box that I need to fix to the floor, but I do not want to drill the floor. I printed feet with recessed nut that I can glue to the floor and then screw the box to it…
(Time will tell if this is stable enough in the long run)

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clever solution!!

Interesting. I can see some uses for that sort of thing. I wonder how likely delamination might be. Maybe the glue will let go before the foot comes apart.

How do you suppose all these 3D printed things in your caravan will fare when it gets hot inside in the summer. Or maybe it doesn’t get that hot inside where you are.

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Some pole covers…

The first three designs didn’t make it to the paving stage due to lack of space, even though I had printed them before the build. I wish I had created an entire SketchUp model beforehand :wink:

I’ve used a glue to install solar panels on the roof of caravans, it should be reliable and stable over time. So the printed parts are certainly the weak points, especially since the components installed in the box weigh about 40 kg. However, the temperature should not get so high that it could become a problem. Only time will tell if it holds up, and I’ll have to try it out for that.

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More pole covers, they are held by sturdy Velcro fasteners (is this the correct term?)…

I’d be more concerned with cold and the layers shrinking and separating.

Velcro fasteners? Yes. “Pole covers”? I wouldn’t have known to use those words to search for them. I’d have looked for something like “battery terminal caps” but these are your invention and you can call them whatever you want. :wink:

That’s what my translator called them…

Sounds like the tassles on a pole dancer.

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Cold and shrinking is an issue? Well, that could be a problem here. Temperature swings throughout the year here can easily be more than 100° C and the inside temperature inside a vehicle could get to be up around 60° C or more in the summer.