Corrupt Layout File Won't Load

CorruptFile.layout (9.4 MB)

Is there anyway to recover a Layout file that will no longer open?


Try this LO2017 file -
File-LO2017.layout (9.4 MB)

Hey thanks. But it still won’t open for me. i’m using LO2020 btw. Layout just exists after loading for a moment. No error message or anything.

Does it happen to you with any file or just this one? I saved it for you in the 2017 version, so you should have been able to open it with LO2020.

It might be your installation that is the issue - your file that Mihai has made opens just fine here as does your original file.

okay thanks guys. It’s working now. Just a good old restart seems to have fixed the problem. Sorry to waste everyones time. As you were. :slight_smile:

Please update your forum profile. It’s out of date and it’s why @mihai.s saved your file back to 2017.

Looking at your SketchUp and LayOut files I notice you like to take risks. :wink: