Corner, Curved Table Attempt

Corner Table with Curved Front Apron.skp (75.6 KB)
This is my attempt using Go tools to make a corner, curved table. When I viewed a video DaveR did for the Fine Woodworking blog, I had to try, even though I can’t use all the nifty extensions. I’m going to look at the video again, because mine looks too big for three legs.

Corner Table with Curved Front Apron.1.skp (159.1 KB)

Just finished version 2 which has dimensions similar to the video. I learned that when Solid Inspector calls it solid but Entity Info does not, all you have to do is explode and make it a group/component again. Then, Entity Info and Inspector agree that is solid. (Royce’s tip for the day. :smile:


Corner Table with Curved Front Apron (2).skp (1.1 MB)

I selected version 2 and erased my first. I then extruded an arc profile for the curved front of the top and selected “Arble de Houblon” texture from the extension warehouse. The second screenshot shows the buttons and figure eight fasteners I made to attach the top. The texture came out radially and I had to figure out how to rotate it 90 degrees for the legs, because of the way I brought the texture over from another one of my files. I need to figure out how to set up my own library of material textures (if that can be done in “Go”). I have been downloading textures that I want into a file I made. Then I cut and paste the textures I want into the model I’m working with.

Applying texture to a curved surface in SketchUp (desktop or web). Apply the texture to faces, not the group.

Try to look for seamless textures.


Corner Table with Curved Front Apron (5).skp (9.2 MB)

I hope this looks better. Curved texture application is slow with native GO tools. I can see why Professionals should upgrade to Pro, extensions and render programs.Updated skp
shows scenes and in the process I corrected some mistakes/omissions. One last skp with
the cutting diagram scene.

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