Copyright question: Can I print and sell some perspective drawings?

Hi, :smile:
Can I print and sell perspective drawings using models by 3d warehouse?

I mean: download a model, export it from sketchup as 2D image (jpg), modify it with photoshop and insert it in a printed book for the market.



Ask a lawyer who can interpret the legalese in the user agreements.


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thanks Anssi

I hope it is not necessary a lawyer. :worried:

I count on the help of some SketchUp Team Member :wink:

at least not with SU Make = no commercial use allowed.

why not contact/ask the author?

These issues have been discussed here many times before, and the team members have always declined to answer legal issues. It is understandable - they have not written the rules, and anything they say will be interpreted as an official statement.

The consensus here is that things in the Warehouse are somewhat in the public domain, but that crediting the original creator is good form, and the extents of the “somewhat” need an expert answer.

Note that, as Norbert says, for anything commercial you need to use a licensed copy of the Pro version of Sketchup.


Because I haven’t found a way to contact the author :confused:

“3cn1ght has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.”

I would be very reluctant using content with a foreign copyright commercially… if you don’t get a consent of the author, don’t use it… imho

Here’s a link to the 3D Warehouse Terms Of Service.

As has been mentioned, we cannot provide further interpretation or legal advice re: the terms of service.