Copy what is inside a circle

In layout, i have placed my section cut scene the way i like it. Now i have drawn a circle over a portion of that and labeled it DETAIL A-1.

Is there a way to copy whats inside the circle, basically use the circle as a clipping mask or cutting tool, and then paste it somewhere else, so i can make it a bigger view of DETAIL A-1?

pressure plate drawing.layout (239.6 KB)


Copy the viewport and the circle, change the scale on the viewport as needed. Scale the circle up by the same factor. Here I set the viewport scale to 1:1 which is twice the size of your original viewport so I scaled the circle up by 2.

With both selected, right click on them and choose Create clipping mask. If you want the clipped viewport to have a border, turn on Stroke and set the weight as desired.



Ok, that seems to be a straight forward process. I was right clicking but not with both selected.

I will aslo be sure to use the scale features to increase size. I saw a youtube video where someone double clicked the scenes to adjust, zoom and position the camera. Which is a no no haha

Thanks again:)

Exactly! Unless you don’t care about the problems it’s likely to cause later.

Youthbe is great but some real bad practices on there.

Since im not a LO pro yet, i have only seen some issues with adjusting the scene by double clicking. Whats the major issues it can cause in the future?


Anything you do to the viewport in Layout that results in the scene being shown as modified, disconnects the viewport from the original scene which means that scene specific changes you might make in the SketchUp file won’t be translated to the viewport. The viewport is no longer tied to the scene. Also, if you add dimensions and labels in the viewport after modifying, you can wind up with issues when you try to fix it by reselecting the original scene as shown below.

At least they can be fixed more easily than skipping scene in the SketchUp file and just using the Last saved SketchUp view for all of the viewports.

Thats good to see. Ive never modified the scene before. I have always used the scenes like you showed me. But its good to see why not to do that.