Copy and paste objects with layer assignments in Layout

I sometimes copy and an entire page to a new document. It would be a great option to paste multiple objects from multiple layers into a new sheet and retain, or create if needed, those object layers on the new sheet.


Yes please.

@JoeDrafter, did you actually try doing this? It works as @onthescene requested in LayOut 2016 and 2017.

hum!! I just tried it in 2017… and it didn’t worked. I copy a bloc of many element from a drawing to another. A few layers from the source was not existing in the new drawing. When I paste it it prompt: Entities will be pasted to layer “x” The copied layers do not match the current layers of this document. Then it copied everything on layer x.

is it supposed to work in 2017? did i miss something? what im doing wrong?

Here’s the message I have when I paste element from a different file. So I’m losing all layer assignement. I need to re-create the layer structure!