Copy and Paste Function

Can anyone tell me why the copy and paste function is not working for me. I used the Free Web version.Thanks

Probably need to give more details about exactly what you are trying to do. What are you trying to copy and where are you trying to paste it? Copy and Paste work fine for me here.

From the context menu.

With keyboard shortcuts:

And there’s always Move/Copy.

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Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for your reply. Yes that exactly what I am doing and have been doing for a while. four days ago the function just stopped copying or pasting weather I do it with a mouse or keyboard.

Kind Regards

What are you trying to copy? Can you copy it with Move/Copy?

Have you rebooted your computer since you noticed this problem?

Are you copy/pasting within the same file? Sketchup web won’t copy paste between two simultaneously open files.

Can you think of what (else) may have happened four days ago? A Windows update, a browser update, etc.?

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