Converting SketchUp model into a cad file


Hello everyone.

I’ve designed a part in SketchUp 8 that needs to be converted to a cad file, so that I can print it with a 3d printer.

I recently paid someone to replicate the part in a cad program, but they really messed things up and the cad file is practically useless.

Thank you.


A “cad” file? What file format are you thinking of? AutoCAD DWG?
Often people print to 3d printers using STL - there is an STL extension in the warehouse:


Hey mf,

Thom Thom is being too gracious, he’s actually developed a few extensions for SketchUp that ensure the models are suitable for 3D printing. So with the STL Extension Thom recommended and something like Solid Inspector, you may find that you can rescue your part for 3D printing in SketchUp.



Additionla info. Here is another approach to convert file. addiditon Netfabb has a free service where in they will check and fix the stl and send back to you. Log on to their site and check service link. Other printers probably have similar service?


More resources to prep file for printing


Hi Mfquaiz,

You certainly don’t need to pay someone to “convert’ your SketchUp model for 3D printing.
The SketchUp STL extension was created so anyone can export 3D printing STL files from SketchUp.
All you need to do is learn how to create a SketchUp model that’s printable.

3D Printing requires the model be a SketchUp Solid

A Solid in SketchUp is a single Group or Component whose geometry meets the certain standards.
When those conditions are met, Entity Info indicates the model is a Solid Group or Solid Component.
Also notice Entity Info indicates the Volume of a selected Solid.

• The geometry must form a single* airtight vessel.
Like a soap bubble … •No gaps •No holes •No leaks

• No extraneous Faces** inside or outside the vessel.
All Faces must serve to enclose the singular volume of the vessel.

• No stray Edges.
All Edges must serve to support a Face that in turn serves to enclose the airtight vessel.

• No nested Groups or Components.

*A Solid Group or Solid Component may contain one or more separate airtight vessels.
**Best that all Faces are oriented Front Side (white) facing out.