Converting 3D components into a solid for parametric design?

hi, How can I convert any 3D components into a solid for parametric design?

I tried Mesh wrapper Tool
But it doesnt do so good in Wrapping…!!

also you Should Repair the Mesh !!!
it Takes so much time with Low Quality also !!

Is there any Other way to Make a component into a Solid for PAramatric Slices ???

HELP ME PLEASE :slight_smile:

Parametric Design 555 .skp (3.8 MB)

well if you don’t share your model, nobody can tell you what exactly what’s wrong…

either drag it here in the answer window, or if it’s too heave, use wetransfert.

hard to see THE thing that is wrong prom a screenshot only :slight_smile:

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Parametric Design 555 .skp (3.8 MB)

Uploaded RN Brother

ha ! voldemort !

well, your model is super nested, groups in groups in groups… and in the end, the head is several groups. so first would be to explode it all then close all the holes.

someone probably has a tool in their pocket ?