Convert to .stl

I have a file with .skp extension and would like to know how to convert it to an STL file

Desktop Version:
1.) “Window > Extension Warehouse > SketchUp STL”
2.) “File > Export STL…”
3.) done.

In SketchUp Free, you can download a model in either .skp or .stl format.

@jbacus, both the downloads for .skp and .stl are delivered without the drawing title or an extension name…


the files themselves are fine when renamed…

EDIT: Safari Version 11.0.2 (11604. [dev preview]


The download name issue you are experiencing in Safari appears to be a bug in the Safari browser that was slated to have been fixed. All other Browsers support a mechanism for specifying this filename on a downloadable file; we will look for workarounds.

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Hello Brooks! I just downloaded the SketchUp Free App…and am having the same problem. I look forward to finding the fix as I spent a lot of time learning your application as well as making a model and would love to be able to save it as an .stl file.

Brooks…I tried what “john_drivenupthewall” said above about just renaming the file…and I think that works!!

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