Contacting 3D Warehouse members

Can anyone tell me how to contact a 3D Warehouse member ‘indirectly’? Apparently they didn’t check the option to be contacted ‘directly’. The system’s wording seems to imply there is a way to contact a member indirectly.

Just like you did.

You see, if you had contacted @TheGuz by yourself, it would have been a direct contact. but since I’m contacting him on your behalf, it’s now an indirect contact.

semantics are fun :slight_smile:

Hi Raleeboston! How can we help?

There isn’t a DM system or a way outside of an email being send to them, if a user has chosen to allow to be contacted, then the system sends your message to their associated email address.

You could of course leave a comment on one of their models if you want to send them a message via 3dwarehouse, which will be public to everyone.