Construction lines inside group/component disappear when a section plane is 'close' to them

I use construction lines in my models. The construction lines are inside a group or component. I have noticed that when I place a section plane close to the group/component the construction lines disappear. Construction lines don’t disappear if they are not inside a component or group but I want them inside my component because if I move the component they might otherwise be left behind. They reappear if I turn off Section Cuts in the View menu.

Also the Clines reappear if I move the section plane far enough away from the component embedded Clines.

I’d attach a movie but this editor doesn’t allow me to.

I’m thinking that the Clines disappearing may be a bug.

Yes it is a bug. Guides inside a component may disappear even if they should still be displayed.
Here are a few screenshots showing the fair amount of misalignement (here 690 mm):

Disappearing guide behind section plane.skp (102.6 KB)

As I thought. The guides disappeared completely for me.

Notice Section Cuts in the View menu is on in one image and off in the other. When it’s on the guides disappear.

Tell us the distance between the section plane and the Clines (the guides on the box’s face).
In my case the turning point was 690 mm. Any guide inside the component but more than 690 mm away from the section plane would still be visible.

Guides outside the component’s context are not affected by the bug.