Sketchup Pro 8 Glitches


Whenever I am making a line or using the tape measure tool to make guides, the lines and dotted lines disappear… and then I can’t see where I am about place them. Also, some polygons are not closing to make new faces. I draw a new box and it still links to the background polygon. I have tried starting from scratch and I’m still getting some boxes here and there that won’t close. Tried restarting the program and getting the same issues.

I also tried making a box using the shape tool but can’t size it correctly to fit where I need it.

Furthermore, the new icon design is distracting.


Screen capture and/or attached SKP file would be nice.


Are you using Perspective or Parallel Projection mode ? The strange jumping around of Clines usually happens in Parallel Projection because they are being drawn on a plane that you do not expect them to be drawn on.


I would not call 8 “new”. :smile: