Construction Drawings - Music Room Cabinetry


Here is a recently completed project for Cabinetry & Lighting in a Music Room.
Happiest of Holidays to everyone.


Nice! My daughter and her husband, both of whom are professional violinists, would love to have such a space. Unfortunately their condominium in Boston is very small!


Nice neat work!!!


Thank you @TDahl and @cb94030.
A fun project. Greatly appreciated.


Nice graphic style, BTW. When sitting on thesis student juries, the grading sheet has a section for the presentation material itself, so high marks in that section as well as the project section.


Thank you.
I was fortunate to have several very good mentors, during my formative years.


Excellent. These are more than a set of plans as they tell the tale from concept through to construction. I like the way it starts with the big picture and then digs into the detail. Season’s greetings to you too.


Thank you @Rightangler.
Much appreciated.


Very nicely done. Love seeing how others work…Mick C


Thank you @mitchell.campbell and Happy New Year.