A small bedroom design (school project)

Hi guys, I am a high school student attending a class called Catalyst where we are given the opportunity to pursue a passion and create a project that we have a personal interest in. My project is a small bedroom design for condominiums in Singapore, since a lot of rooms in Singapore are small compared to the condominiums in other countries. I mainly focused on creating storage spaces in order to minimize the number of furniture in the bedroom, and I also focused on the “looks” of the furniture to make sure that it looks like proper furniture with appropriate color tone that can blend in nicely with others. This was my first project using SketchUp so feel free to give me any feedbacks so that I can improve my bedroom design. Thank you for your time!


I like but I would turn the bed to the wall opposite the desk/wardrobe as to free up access to the windows. I’d also use a bed that has drawers underneath the mattress.
Great looking start!