Construction documents - general overall flow question

I’ve been watching the Nick Sonders construction documents series on youtube and have a couple of general questions about he process. First, my knowledge of the process and what actually goes into a CD is very limited, regardless of the sketchup piece, and so I am trying to learn that aspect while learning the sketchup process.
Sonders is showing elaborate designs and commenting that he creates his floor plans and elevations from the design. Are the designs in complete detailed, does he draw out the wall studs and floor joists, etc? Like building a house complete but with virtual materials?
Then with this complete design does he use layers and scenes that he then individually imports into Layout to get the CD’s.
It would help my understanding to get a very high level view of the process.

My suggestion would be to purchase the book at It explains everything regarding his process in detail. He stresses that you only need to model with a level of detail appropriate for the drawing. Wall studs, joists, etc. are not in the plan or elevation drawings but, instead, in separate detail drawings (that are typically referenced in the plan and elevation drawing via callouts).

I purchased his book yesterday from Amazon, it will be here tomorrow.

So, my design is a little unconventional, a post and beam of sorts, so I have large posts and beams and not a typical 2x6 24OC wall, do I not need to detail that in my design?

I’ve been playing with the trial version of Chief Architect and finding, on the one hand it is very easy as the wall you create has all the components in it like studs, sheathing, cladding, drywall, etc. But on the other hand it lacks the flexibility of sketchup and I don’t think it would be easy to add unconventional detail. The thing I like about sketchup is I can build the house in detail and it does not really take that much time. But I guess if that detail will not be needed for the construction documents then maybe there is no point and it is a waste of time.

jack there are some tutorials the members here have posted.

Barbara has a series of LayOut tutorial threads in the Tutorials category. Here are a few (not sure of the order) …

For a search for all of her tutorials …


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