Conical or perspectival extrusion

Hello, I trying to build and anamorphic projection in Sketchup. I found a tutorial that uses Rhino and it’s pretty straight forward. I’m hoping there will be something equivalent in Sketchup that can achieve this.

After setting up the view point and the view you need to place the 2D text/art perpendicular and on the axis of the point of view and project it conically. After selecting the 2D artwork the Rhino tutorial uses a written command “extrude curve to point” and drags the selected 2D faces back to the origin point of the view. This creates a conical or perspectival extrusion of the edges of the 2D art.

Does anyone know if there’s a plug in or some other workaround to do something similar in Sketchup?



Show us an image of the sort of thing you are trying to model.

This is a test. Here I projected the T manually. What I’m hoping for is a tool that allows me to extrude all the letters as a conical projection. This is a simple text. It would be good if I could do a longer text. Any ideas? Thanks for responding!

Fredo JPP > Extrude Push Pull (Tapering)


That’s and interesting application of that tool. Wouldn’t have occurred to me.

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I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for. Maybe you could use the push/pull with the scale tool?

[added] Projecting to a plane:


Hi mihai.s,

Thanks for getting back and thanks to all. I’m working with Fredo JPP and following your example. I’m having one problem. I’m working with text as you saw. When I taper after extruding each letter form tapers individually thereby making a mess. How do I get the whole block of text whether it’s word or a phrase to taper as a whole so it remains legible? I’ve tried a bunch of stuff but I haven’t succeeded. Thanks. Attached is the image showing the letter tapering individually. Thanks. Gerard

Hi jimhami42. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and my question is how do I control scale so that I’m able to scale uniformly about the center point of the block of text both when I’m enlarging and when I scale to a point? I’m getting results like the attached. Thanks. Gerard

You could do that

But Jim’s method is simpler, just use Ctrl + Scale tool to scale the object from the middle.

As @mihai.s mentioned, you can scale about the center by holding down the CTRL key while scaling. If you choose a handle on one of the sides, it will only scale along one axis. If you choose a handle on one of the corners, it will scale uniformly in both directions. Hope this helps.

Thanks to both of you I seem to be getting somewhere. I found JPP good for my purposes since I can taper to 0 so it mimics perspectival projection. Don’t think you can scale to zero.

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