Confusion with solid inspector

Solid inspector is saying that my model is solid, but when i click on entity info it says its not solid. Is this normal, and will i be able to print my model?

There are some fringe situations that one or the other doesn’t handle correctly or that are genuinely ambiguous. Sometimes exploding then recreating a group or component will fix entity info’s detection. Ultimately though your printer’ slicer determines what can or can’t be printed.

Adding to what slbaumgartner wisely says, if the slicer has problems, I would try the DaveR method. By scaling up 1000 times, inspector can see some things that it can’t when it is smaller. You can also see it better and correct any triangulation easier.

That’s a new use of “the Dave method” for me… I’ve only used it to prevent problems caused by the tiny face issue, not solve them.


Working with small models like woodworking fixtures, I use the DaveR method all the time to fix issues caused by tiny faces.