Configurable PreDesign parameters

It would be really handy to be able to configure some of the parameters for a specific study - the overhang of a window hood, or the hours of occupation for example.

Thanks for your suggestion! That’s a really great idea. I’ve written you a note so we can understand more.

This is a really good idea… Where are you on this and are you planning on implementing more substantial parameterizable settings in the studies… To make the Pre Design studies more useful as a real design tool.

@corney please let us know? Especially the occupancy hours are quite limited, and it’s not quite clear you’re actually picking a set of occupancy hours when you’re picking your building type.
For example, I could be designing a hospital (24/7) occupancy, but I would pick office, since as a building it is more similar to a big office tower than it is to a villa like falling water. Only in the very last slide when setting up a project is this displayed and too easily can you kind of skip this slide in your hurry to get started.

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Hi pyroluna,
Thanks for the feedback. Writing to you directly.