Confident Builder videos thread

Following in the footsteps of the great content providers such as SketchUp themselves, TheSketchUpEssentials, SketchUp School and others I’m going to follow what Cotty does and just use a single thread to post links to the free content I’m creating. As I learn about things in SketchUp and find new cool stuff in extensions and the like I’ll just post them on this thread here. To start, here’s one about Curic’s Align, Space and Mirror.

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Here’s yet another video about adding stairs into a home model. I chose to use Instant Stair from Chuck Vali and also the Maj Stair extensions. Feel free to make suggestions of other ways.

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This video was really fun to do. I was recently talking with my new forum friend Tucker from ArayaCAD and he suggested I get a multi-button MMO mouse. Dang! This improved my navigation in SketchUp big time! Thanks Tucker!

Designed for kack handed sinister people too?

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When I was shown how to group my home design by levels and use the hide/unhide/hide-rest-of-model features I was SUPER happy with the productivity increase! Thanks @ArayaCAD

Haha, that’s the target audience!!! :stuck_out_tongue: