Components making themselves unique

Hey team
I just updated to SU 2022 and I have an issue with some components loading as a unique component with a # and a number.
I drew the components in their own drawing and saved them to a folder that I access through the component tray. When I drag them into a drawing some of them need to be modified to suit the drawing so I make them unique. But then when I drag in a component from my folder to be used in its original state it comes in with with a #and number attached to it. It seemed to be coming in with the number of the previous instance that was made unique but I have one component that comes in with #13 even though I’m up to Instance number 18.
Could this be a bug of SU 2022.
Any help would be appreciated as this is doing my head in and I have spent several hours trying to understand what is going on.

When you place components from a library into your model SketchUp will not overwrite modified component definitions with the same name already in the model. For the name ending it will choose the first unused number in the sequence.

Hi. Thanks for the reply.
I understand when you make a component unique it will assign it the next number available, what I am not understanding is why when I try to drag the original component into a drawing SU automatically makes it unique. I have always been able to drag the original component into a drawing regardless of how many unique copies I have. Indeed I can still do it for some, but some are coming in as unique.
I have attached the original drawing where I made the components so you can see the issue.
The blocks on the right are the originals that have been saved to a folder.
The blocks on the green rectangle are ones that I have dragged in from that folder, if you click on them you will see their definition is correct. If you click on the blocks in the red rectangle you will see that their definition has had #1 added to it without me making it unique.
Prior to dragging them in I purged the component ‘in model’ window.
If I right click on the icon of the component in its folder and select properties then the name shows up with a #1 attached to it despite the icon name not showing the #1.
Its worth noting that I have just started using flex tools component finder, but have since disabled that as I thought it might be causing the problem, alas the problem persists…

Thanks for your help on the matter
PS - I have never shared a drawing before so not sure if I have done it correctly

ICF 280 series component originals.skp (806.4 KB)

Your description doesn’t match the model you uploaded.

Whoops. Try this one

ICF 280 series component originals.skp (835.2 KB)

Sorry, I can’t find any issue with it, as far as I can see all components are coming in correctly.

Here is another drawing that uses the components. The loose blocks have all been dragged in from the folder so should not have a #number attached to them but when I click on them they are showing in my entity info and outliner as unique components. What do they show if you click on them.
Thank you for your help

small file.skp (2.8 MB)

I cannot repeat this unless you attach the component files

Somehow the file sees the imported blocks as a foreign source, (still using 2020? change in version?) try saveas one of the standard blocks in this file to overwrite the saved component then import that.

Thanks for your help,
Saving them as a copy and importing them back in seems to have worked.