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How are animated characters included in Sketchup that have the same format as in the components category of the default tray? For an example can png files that can be imported from graphics sites outside of Sketchup and in the model, and setup to face the camera by converting to a component.

you lost me on this one. there are no animated characters included in sketchup…

you can import a png and turn it into a component with “face me” parameters.

Hello, thanks for the help. There are animated characters in the components of the default trey, but it is limited on characters and style for what I’m looking for, such as style and clothing. And I rather check other sites for characters. I’m trying to create characters from scratch or import png photos into Sketchup from other sites such as shutterstock. How is the background removed to only show the preferred item the animated character, while removing the background. I assume this is the “PNG Transparency” format. Or can I draw or sketch an animated character (Cartoon format) within Sketchup or Microsoft word?

The animated characters shows samples of people in animation in a list in the components trey

I’m guessing that what you are asking about are “face me” components, which rotate when the camera moves so that their front always faces the camera? That’s controlled by the “always face camera” setting on the component, which you can set either while creating it or by editing it in the components window.

yes, if you want to import a photo of a person on a transparent background, first you’ll need to remove the background in a photo edition app (photoshop, affinity, gimp…) and then save it as a png.
importing a png with transparent background in sketchup makes an… image floating without a background. pretty much what you’d expect.

Then if you make this image a component and choose the “face me” thing, you would get a face me photo.

drawing with microsoft word ? how barbaric :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:

you can totally trace your character on a photo in sketchup to look like the other 2d characters.
Aaron did a video on this some time ago

I already know how to use “face camera” tool. Sorry, that is not my question. I just need to know how to import photos of animated characters that can be converted to “PNG Transparency” format and to remove the background so that only the character shows. I know photoshop provides this, but was hoping there would be other tools ( since photoshop requires a subscription–and only need to remove the background on a couple photos ). This is for only removing or “trimming” around the character to remove the background. Trimming is an option, but time consuming. thanks

as I said, Gimp. gimp is free. or Photopea, it looks like photoshop but in a browser.

well, this is the classic “either time consuming or expensive” conundrum.

if you import your photo in sketchup as a photo, and then you explode it, it becomes a face with the photo as a texture. you can then use sketchup’s tools to trim out the background, just as you would do in gimp or else. but sketchup’s tools are not as suited for the job, so it’ll take longer. but that way, no need to get another software.

You could also look on the side of AI powered background removers, they could eventually make png with transparent background without going through photoshop / gimp / having to trim in sketchup

do you have an example of such photo you want to turn into a SU character ?