Component resize - keep certain dimensions constant

I’m looking for help as to how to create a component that I can resize later but keeps certain things/dimensions remain constant. The specific example I want to do is this: I’m creating an interior door that will be used throughout a building. I want to be able to resize it as certain doorways have different widths. However, the depth of the door frame, the thickness of the door, the size of the door handle, the positioning of the door handle with relation to the floor and edge of the door, remain the same no matter what actual height and width the door is. If someone is able to give me some pointers, that would be great! Thanks in advance

A nested door handle component that can’t be scaled itself (fixed lenX, lenY and lenZ). It’s position is fixed to the local origin of the door component’s axes system. (X=…, Y=…, and Z=…)

You need to sort of break down the door component into chunks that have to remain the same size (nested components) and chunks that need to be scaled (other nested components).

Check this wiki: