Component packs

Hi all, I’m planning on bringing out some retail packs, starting sometime mid-year. They’ll include not only people…doing practically everything (I stopped counting at 700), but also hundreds (possibly thousands) of common objects for the home, office and outdoors. I’ll probably start with vegetation. Below are a couple of freebies…a generic tree in both Summer and Fall foliage. The aim is to produce something acceptably realistic that doesn’t crash the system, even when several are loaded.
These trees are about 2700 faces each. The file size is larger than I’d like, but can’t be helped with reasonably hi-res images containing an alpha channel. I’ve hidden all the edges on the foliage maps, so you won’t get any nasty black lines, but TBH they look better with profiles off.
I’m also showing how far I’ve got with palm trees so far. Many of these are only 700-800 faces each. Some more complex vegetation…such as a Live Oak or an old, gnarly Willow will be quite a bit bigger.
Everything will be in SU2017, so will be reasonably backwards compatible, including the final lifetime licenses.

generic trees.skp (2.0 MB)


Include a white/untextured version with edges so that someone can use them in 2d b/w cad drawings. No edges will result in very odd looking b/w elevations.

Thanks for the suggestion, Paul. I’d forgotten about that. I do have a whole section called Geometrees (mostly deciduous) in which every leaf is modelled, so they are pretty much good to go by stripping-out the materials. I can make geometry versions of some of the other types too.
The trees relying on branch images all use rectangular png or tif files, so they wouldn’t look too good. But I do have some palms which also use geometry for the fronds; so I could extend these to cover versions of the larger palms too.
The result is like this…whether as a clay model or used in a 2D plan.

I’ve also got some volumetric trees, which can also be stripped of their materials…and a bunch of actual CAD symbols.