Commercial Interiors Lessons

The commercial interiors lessons are so confusing! The narrator does a terrible job of explaining what he is doing. I have spent so much time just trying to figure out things he is doing that he completely ignores. I had no trouble with the previous lessons b/c the steps were clearly called out as we went along. This lesson is so frustrating b/c he is constantly doing things that are not explained or even acknowledged at all. Additionally the grouping is completely ignored in the beginning which makes it very time consuming to go back and group things later when they are all on top of each other. Has anyone found any assistance with these videos? I am spending so much time watching the videos over and over b/c he is constantly doing things w/no explanation at all so it just looks like a click on the screen. When I try to do the same things the options aren’t there or I need to do 30 mins of online research to figure out that I am missing an important piece of information that was never mentioned in the video. Anybody find any resources to save me some time?!
Any help is appreciated.