Colored line on axes tolerance ( color by axes )

Do I imagine this myself?
I noticed that using color by axes there are sometimes some offsets and still show an axis color. very annoying, Is there some info on what tolerance we have to expect?

Is this the tolerance equal to the tolerance that we can set in the unit tolerances?

BTW, it would be nice to have a style with an object coloured AND color by axis set at the same time.

No. There is no published tolerance but there is one and at very small deviations it’s possible to get a false positive. It is not adjustable.

You can adjust the line coloration independently of other style choices to color by axis using the edit function in the styles pallet under the edges tab.

This is a useful shortcut to have assigned to a key, you can assign it under Sketchup>preferences>shortcuts> View/Rendering/Edge/By Axis


What you set on the model info units is not a tolerance. It is a format instruction that tells SketchUp how many decimal places (or smallest fraction) to display, but has no effect on the underlying value or the tolerance used when comparing it with other values for equality.

Neither the tolerance or the logic used for color by axis has ever been documented.

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Do not rely on color by axis, use tthe inferencing system and the arrow keys. If necessary modify the axis of groups and components to utilize the inferencing system.

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If you are seeing small errors I’m going to guess you have Length Snapping enabled. It is best left off.

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Hi, its off from day one, thank you for the reminder.