Stronger "color by axes"

Would it be technically/programmable possible to tighten up on the tolerance on “color by axes”?

Instead of being just a Styles-feature, it could be a very strong help/guidance/tool in construction, finding errors, so on. Would save time. Something you could count on.

Tolerance* within reason of course. Not going for infinite!

Lots of posts address the issue when trouble making faces, off axes, “in-accuracy”, so on, -no need to mention.
And of course we have the faithful query tool! That will do it/find the errors. (Alt. Text Tool)

But what if-!

Seems like the all tools for doing this is already there. Strong inference machine, able to color lines, axes…
And with the existing ability to change axes as you please, you can really check… See?
And I really,really love this program so much! The potential.

Is this possible? That would be so impressive.
I do apologize if you have already been thought this. -Probably have.

Thanks for listening and all.
Just a thought.


*curiously investigating, it seems like the limit/tolerance for “Color by axes” is about 1/1000.
(But you probably know that)
-Draw a line along any axes - offset endpoint - orbit - and “color by axes” comes and goes.
(Example: line 1000 cm, offset endpoint 1 cm)

-And another point kind of related to this is, when the ability to make faces ceases!

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