Axes Check


Can someone direct to a tutorial that I 'm sure was done (but I can’t find) on checking x and y in top view (plan view) by changing styles and have all x and y lines green or red? Thanks in advance.


Go to the styles panel, click edit and the first ‘tab’ is the edge settings.
Set edge color to ‘By Axes’

Update the style by (giving it a different name and) clicking on the two round arrows.


Or perhaps you mean editing the style so that Edge color is set to “by Axis”.

Edit: Be aware that “color by axis” works to within a tolerance. Seeing an edge colored red is not a 100% guarantee that it is totally precisely parallel to the red axis. This is not a reliable way to look for edges that are misaligned by very small amounts.



What is the most reliable method you are aware of?



I usually use the leader text tool 12%20PM to label vertices and check whether their values match up. If you increase the units precision in Model Info you can find quite small variations this way.


Install the Utilities Tools plugin, which provides the Query tool.

Utilities Tools — Extension Warehouse


Thanks George