Clothworks simple grid doesn't show

Hi all !!!
i just bought this incredible plugin CLOTHWORKS. Can not make it work neither on MAC or PC.
In the video by Anton S. He applied a ‘‘simple grid’’ which does not show in my context menu.
I just realised it is working but extreeeeeemly slow as you con see in my screen capture.

Any idea about that ‘‘turtle’’ behavior ?

Thanks a lot !

That was my first topic !

Ok i did put a link to my personal DROPBOX but it seems that it does not work ???

Do i have to understand that i can not do that ?

Thanks for your help !


How big was your original box?

The 2" grid might be too fine of a detail if the rectangle is huge? That would account for slowdown.

No. it is comparable to Anton’s video. Cube was arond 20’.

I haven’t seen Anton’s video you refer to, but a grid of 2" over 24 feet is very hi res and I think is the cause of the slowdown. If I mimic your situation a warning comes up to that effect.

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You are right ! My comparison with Anton’s video miss lead me. He uses a ‘‘simple grid’’ that doesn’t show in the version i’m using. Which is, by the way, the starting point of that post. I’ll continu to play around…

Thanks for your observation !


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