ClothWorks issue

I have purchased the paid version of ClothWorks. When trying to make a simple sheet fall onto a square collider, all is ok until Self-collide is activated which slows the process down to a near stop. Also, when making a pillow & following instruction manual to the letter, I hit play, but it runs painfully slow or stops completely. The odd thing is that when first installed it ran fine. I have the latest version of ClothWorks & Sketchucation. Anyone had this issue? Thanks in advance.

Can you give me a link to where you have posted this, I assume you have added your model there for us to look at?

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Hi Box. No I haven’t, I’m useless when it comes to forum stuff. How do I post a model?

Posting a model (under 15MB)


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Thanks for that. The thing is, it isn’t the model. I am just drawing a simple box to make a Collider and a rectangle plane to make cloth. If I post a model, will it bring over other information from my settings etc?

It gives a starting point.

Thanks, will post shortly.

Hi video & model uploads!

Clothworks test.skp (361.0 KB)

Go to the Simulation tab and check the Gravity setting. Looks like somehow it got moved to 0.

Gravity setting still set to 10 when self collide activated! Even if gravity set to highest its the same. This is what’s throwing me?

Also, nothing can be clicked on when play activated as in video.

There is definitely something going on with the gravity of your model, whenever I open it it is always set to 0, but when opening any of my models even a blank one, it is set to 9.8 by default.
I also don’t have the button lock up you are showing, which suggests it may be throwing an error message or opening some other dialog offscreen.
I would certainly create a thread for this at sketchucation and include the model and video. Anton frequents that forum more than this one. I can’t see a thread over there from you about this which is why I asked for a link.

Good idea. I went down the route of emailing Sketchucation as suggested in manual but the thread sounds better. Cheers for your help regardless.

Sorry Box, one last thing. Sketchucation forum says mp4 not allowed, any ideas on uploading video ?

Posted a topic on Sketchucation. Dont know where it went, says nothing in “your posts” cant find anywhere on the site… I’m going to go & boil my head as less painful…

You can use youtube vids so you could upload to there if you have a log in.
I’m guessing you have been a member there for a long time but have not actually posted in the forum itself before, if so your post will have gone to a moderator to check that it isn’t spam. it will be posted once that has passed. Takes a few posts before the moderating drop off.

Ah,thanks. attached an Amazon photos link so hopefully thats ok. Never posted or even needed to look at forum so driving blind! Thanks again bud.

It would be nice if you could correct this comment now.

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Anton has found the issue in a code change & will be posting update.
Yes, the help through Rich & Anton has been impeccable & fast.
Definitely recommend using Sketchucation forum before emailing.