Closeup view of Drawer support

Can I get your opinion on this? Also, how can I get the “Drawer Support Front” to appear without showing the inside of the vertical pieces?

Change the camera to parallel projection.

It’s pretty good. I would normally consider the side with the drawer to be the front of the table. You have the drawer on the back at least as far as the Standard views are concerned.

For the Apron Sides scene, I would keep the copies of the components together. So instead of this:

Do this:

While I was looking at your file and modifying it, Steve gave the answer to the other question. Set the Camera to Parallel Projection. I did that in my version of your Aprons scene, above, too.

Then the Drawer Support - Front scene will look like this:

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Thanks, I got your response just as I was reading Steve’s post!

As usual, I can’t thank you enough!

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Thank you Steve, I appreciate your response!

FWIW, you might consider arranging parts like the aprons to make more efficient use of the space. Maybe like this:

We talked before about arranging parts for two or three-view drawings. In the US, 3rd Angle Projection is the standard. The easy way to think about how to move and rotate the copies of the component is to imagine the first one in the bottom of a bowl. If you’re looking at the front of the part in the bottom of the bowl and slide it to the right and up the side of the bowl, you’ll be looking at its right end. If you want to show the top, you slide it away from you and up the side of the bowl.

Three-views are common but often you can show enough detail in two and the third becomes redundant.

FWIW, First Angle Projection is common in other parts of the world. The way to think about that is the part is on the outside of a bowl. so the top view winds up below the front view and the left view is to the right of the front.

I do remember you (briefly) mentioning that. I’m not sure I understand the ‘bowl’ analogy!

I briefly remember it, not that you ‘mentioned it briefly’!

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Here’s a quick example.
This is a model of a wall bracket I’m working on. Looking at it from the front right.

If you were to place the bracket on its back in the bottom of a bowl, the front would be up. If you slide the bracket away from you and up the side of the bowl, you’ll see the top of it. If you slide it to the right, you’ll see the right side of the bracket.

In 2D, you get the third angle projection.


Now I understand the bowl analogy. The green part you showed is the “3rd Angle Projection?”

No. The third angle projection is the way the three 2D views of the part are displayed. The green one just shows you the isometric view of the part so you can get oriented. In woodworking plans I don’t include that isometric view of the part because it will be shown elsewhere in exploded views and in context with the rest of the model.

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Gotcha, thanks!

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