Clip or Trim Terrain Mesh

Is there an update to the plugin “Clip or Trim Terrain Mesh” to get it to work in Sketch 2016?

Contact the developer, plugins by sdmitch.

Thank you I will give that a try.

sdmitch sent me another .rb, but it won’t even load. Are there any similar more up to date plugs Geo? Thank for you response.

How did you install it?

He resent me a .rbz and I loaded it threw the Windows/Preferences/Extensions/Install Extensions.

And this one don’t load or create an error message or isn’t loaded as a toolbar or…?

Are looking for it in the right place?

When installed the Clip or Trim Terrain Mesh plugin appears in the SketchUp Extensions top menu.
Extensions > SDM Tools > CorG Tool > Clip/Trim GE Mesh

Sorry about that, I didn’t know they had moved it.
Thank you

Hi @droy60

Your profile indicates you’re running SU Make 2015
Does the Clip/Trim Terrain Mesh plugin now work for you in SU Make 2015?

Reason I ask is…
The updated version currently available here fails to work with SU 2016