Cleaning up tags

Every ‘rule’ has its exceptions.
Even if it’s not a rule per se, but just a tip for beginners - keep the geometry Untagged, until they manage to learn and understand basic things on SketchUp, in this case, it helps you understand one of the exceptions.

DO NOT use the 'Default Tag Geometry' plugin (at least, not in this case directly), you have a (almost) well-made drawing (with layers from CAD), and the automatic transfer of geometry to Untagged will remove useful data and make your work much more difficult (including organizing a useful model only with groups and components with tags and geometry Untagged).

This happens if you use directly the plugin ‘Default Tag Geometry’ + Purge - you will remain with the Untagged geometry, but without any information about which is the road, which is the tree, etc…

If you want to arrange your drawing, with Untagged geometry, but grouped with the respective tags for each individual element

In addition to the two methods in the video, there is a third one, you group and assign each group the appropriate tag, leaving the geometry with tags, as it was at the beginning, and then, after ordering everything, run the plugin and it will remove the tags from the geometry, but you will be left with the tags to the groups.

With the drawing arranged in this way, once you import it into the other model, you will easily be able to keep visible the element you need at each stage, for example: you only need the ‘road’ to drape it over the existing terrain, you will only have the ‘Road tag’ turned on and the others turned off. Then, when you need ‘trees’, to drop them on the terrain, you will also have the ‘Trees tag’ on, and the rest off.