Cleaning up imported DXF artwork to use in SU

Before sending out for CNC cutting (plate aluminum) I’m looking to do simple re-proportioning and dimensioning of DXF artwork that’s public domain. Most of these types of files at least appear to import OK from their original DXF versions, but apparently the ‘artwork’ is full of holes that make it all but impossible to, say, fill enclosed areas, push/pull, etc. What’s an efficient method of getting to the point of ‘curve continuity’, whether by using extensions or other means?

I should mention I’ve got CleanUp and EdgeTools installed, but unable to get them to completely fix things (quite possible I’m not using them to optimum advantage).

Also should mention that the process of ‘convincing’ SU that a fully-enclosed piece of geometry should be fillable has never stopped dogging me, but at least with this type of artwork, there’s just one (complicated) fillable area that I want to end up with.

I will attach an imported model in hopes someone can steer me through this a bit…but I’ve NO idea where my ‘uploaded’ file is going after I think I’ve gone through the process, so…a little more help appreciated there.

Thanks - Dave

ps I just tried the click-and-drag upload after reading a post wherein someone else was having similar upload problems. If it worked, well, I sure can’t tell; seems to be no indication. Gotta be the goofiest upload-attachment process of any forum I’ve used…just sayin’…

What size is the file you are attempting to attach? If it’s over 3mb it won’t attach.

Just 1.6MB.

I just tried the freshly-unzipped dxf file, first as a drag-n-drop (no luck) and then via the upload button (no luck).

Unless it works invisibly to me…

Try the zip file itself.

SU barfed and complained all over me when I tried that…gave me a long list of disallowed file-types, that is…prolly 'cause it’s a RAR? And who KNOWS where those have been…

What about the .skp file after import.

Yeah, that’s what I was originally trying to upload.

Not to give up on this yet, but I do have to wonder if there’s some whiz-bang dxf-to-skp extension I should try right off, before much else. I saw some that looked like that’s what they were named for, but their accompanying videos made me think they were basically unsuited or misnamed.

Try using a different browser to upload.

plant motif CNC.skp (1.6 MB)

OK, FireFox still loves me. Good suggestion - thanks, Box.

Oh, I should mention I did a very little bit of cleanup on this model (left panel only). Something in the import process puts those weird angles on the corners of the outermost frame, and similar defects elsewhere.

But I gotta get some sleep about now…


Here you go.
Fredo’s Curvizard Weld
Also deleted layer 1 as raw geometry should all be on layer 0.
plant motif CNCBox.skp (1.9 MB)

I’d also recommend you turn off length snapping in Model Info/units. You could also import at a larger scale and scale down after import. These two options may reduce the strange angles.

Hey, mahalo Box…I will try to emulate your process. Also got to refresh my memory of how to update Fredo’s plugins (and USE that one you mentioned).