Cleaning up a drawing

I’m not going to like this.

Right off the bat, I get a image I’ll back up out of that!

First problem, I need some reference…my floor and wall, I can’t hide them.

Next, I notice that the tile I drew on the floor is not an all perpendicular box. image And pulling out the bottom edge isn’t as easy as all the inadvertent edges I pulled out before (and had to undo). It’s as if I never used the Move tool before.

I fear I have to begin the drawing from scratch. The tile measurement is way off and everything needs to be redone from scratch.
Many of the entities are accurate–existing cabinets, the fridge, the current configuration.
(I realize I can simply eliminate most everything from the current drawing and go from there–but for the sake of cleanliness, can entities from one drawing be copied and pasted into another, brand new file?)

Yes. Copy-open new file-paste in place. Paste in place preserves the xyz location relative to the axis, normal paste will attach to your curser for placement.

(“Body seems unclear. Is it a complete sentence?”)

Probably a forum message to the writer.

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You can get good results with textures for tiles on a flat face, rather than modeling the tile.

I notice that you are NOT hiding rest of model here… It helps because then SketchUp is not making inferences (snapping too / aligning with) items that don’t relate to your component and what you are trying to modify. Items in the background can throw-off your actions with the mouse when you have the rest of model showing. Use a shortcut to toggle this setting on and off.

The tile must be included as a 3/4" high entity because that raises various other entities (e.g., fridge) partially off the ground.
(btw, the forum also doesn’t like 4-letter replies…like “HELP”)

Tile in place. Now why can’t I get rid of the guidelines (eraser does nothing, select/delete deletes the floor)?image

Edit>Delete Guides.

Oh, yes, of course. Sorry.

You can delete individual guides, of course. The issue here, I suspect, is just that the guides are part of a component–so like anything else you have to edit the component to selectively erase them.

Slowly redoing each item…
Currently, you’re seeing one of a set of shorter shelves. The first was made as a Component, the rest copied using the Cntl/click method…

  1. I was surprised to find they all came in as a single item in the Outliner. (The long shelves–partially shown to their right–were separate items.)
  2. I was even more surprised that when I extruded one shelf the others didn’t follow. (the long shelves do follow each other).
  3. The shorter shelves also show a component/group blue frame, which the longer ones don’t. (each selects individually)

That suggest to me that you copied the shelf geometry inside a larger component - and if all the shelves are in the same component as loose geometry, editing one won’t change the others.

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That’s exactly what happened. I was creating components of a component that already was contained in component “SHALLOW SHELVES”
And the longer shelves did act as copied components because they were put into a larger unit (“LONG SHELVES”) AFTER THE FACT?

No, I take it back. I just created four shelves under the counter making the first a component and then Cntl/clicking copies. They came through also as one entity and happened to place themselves in the Countertop Shelves group (i.e., I didn’t explicitely make them so.) I then moved them out of any supergroup, and they still acted as individual items and were recorded in the Outliner (and apparently the Warehouse) as one item.

Things do not move themselves. If the shelves are in a group you must have put them there somehow, or you created them inside the group in the first place.

Not sure what the warehouse has to do with any of this.

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I need to learn

  1. The proper way to dimension (and get rid of existing dimensions!)
  2. How to create those View tabs so that I can quickly navigate from one view to another (without having to select/view or select/hide dozens of entities)

But I don’t think it’s time to get into Layout yet.

Which SketchUp trainings do you recommend that cover this?

I’m cleaning up all my “Components”

  1. I create a single component, “Shelf”. I Move/Copy four more shelves.

  2. I now have a set of 5 Component entities called “Shelf”. They work fine as Components (e.g., all extrude at once)

  3. I select them all and make that into a component, “Shelf_” I do this because I want them to be able to be neatly folded into their superComponent “Shelf_” in the outliner.

  4. NOW I WANT TO MAKE ONE ADDITIONAL “Shelf”, add it to the group Shelf_, and now have 5 component entities. What is the easiest/best way to do this?

Figured it out: Highlight/Paste one of the “Shelf” units in the Outliner, Copy and manually paste. Move the shelf under Shelf_ in the outliner…

Sometimes perspective plays tricks on me.
Is there a simple way to simply check if two boards are parallel (or perpendicular) and/or their front surfaces are on the same plane (without moving them)?

For example, is there a “Hide Rest of Model that’s not selected” command?