Cleaning 3D WH garbage

This could be made easyer if you could sort results by the SketchUp version (Pro/Studio/Go/Ipad or Free/Make). I bet the Warehouse can detect in which version an uploaded model is made…
Or instead of sorting results this way maybe you could search for models made in Pro…


I did put that option in the survey… hopefully it was obvious.?

Anyone feel free to suggest additions or amendments


Hello and yes… i agree a massive job. I even requested when it was Google that i would be up for doing some top model fixing for them but my time is chargeable.

It is a good topic to teach clients on awareness
what to look out for but its beyter to focus on the positives instead . Like ai search when its more freeform the focus tends to drift ive found.

i did once have to buy a large Scottish thistle Onopordum acanthium .LOL. as i had very limited time to model such and so paid $36 and it saved me from letting down the client As it was a point of focus in the design for the festival

When i come across anything obvious that needs reporting i certainly will. :wink:

One thing i want is clean mono “CAD Ready” models for those architectural plans sections and elevations. Its when you drop a entourage in, rush to get those crisp technical and illustrative views out and the models are invisible. Grrrr
I have reported it.

Two reasons I suggested an extra category or two:

  1. There are a few out their using licensed copies of SU, but are not professionals. I can only assume that there are features they want or like that is not available in the web version of SU, and not available in the desktop versions that are still being used by non-professionals

  2. There have been professionals who pointed out that they don’t always find what suits their needs in Products - verified users are just as capable of poor models as hobbyist.

If searches were done strictly by SU version or license, those with time limits and deadlines could still end up with models they don’t want, or lose out on models they could have used.

Perhaps free and licensed SU versions could be a filter that could be applied as one feels necessary.

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I would go further than that. There are also Pro users that are capable of creating poor models and there are hobbyists that are more than capable of producing good models!

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Googles original intention (because the Google takeover more or less coincided with the appearance of the 3DW) was probably to give away the software for free and use the Warehouse to encourage massive user contribution to populate Google Earth and Maps. It’s no coincidence that features like Image Match also appeared at the same time to allow users to do exactly that by means of photogrammetry.
But as we all know, mapping technology advanced so rapidly in terms of automated 3D layers on both Earth and Maps that laborious manual input almost immediately became redundant. I genuinely think that Google had no interest in SketchUp beyond what it could contribute to Earth and Maps, which is why they sold it on when it was no longer of use in that area.

What WAS the huge mistake from the get go was implementing retrospective quality control on the 3DW, which was a direct rip-off of Fred Abler’s Objective Networks…even down to the interface. The difference being that ON was policed right at the front end; models had to be submitted for approval before they ever appeared online at all. From what can still be seen on this archived web page from 2004, pretty much every model was of a quality that would be of some interest to a serious user.

It’s a measure of just how bad the 3DW has become, that you can download more useful stuff in a shorter time from this now defunct, archived website (which has to be accessed via the waybackmachine) than you can from the 3DW itself in the same amount of time. Unfortunately, Objective Networks was buried by the sheer number of unregulated uploads to the 3DW. If you have nothing to do one evening you could do worse than trawl through what’s left of this site and download stuff while you still can. There’s some useful vehicles, furniture and fittings there. Not all the models minus thumbnails are missing and not all the thumbnails link to models that are still there. For instance, the BMW hatchback on the linked page is still there (as is my porsche boxster); and not too shabby at only 5.5k faces…including the interior.
BMWx5.skp (453.6 KB)


Thought I’d be good and report an issue , searching for Ferris Wheels and this turned up…

So I thought I’d flag it to Trimble and this was the result


PS they are lovely propellers… but not Ferris wheels…

the propellers seem very professional, the searching algorithm and fix method, amateurish !

Only 4 responses to date but here is a PDF of the survey

3D warehouse Cleanup Action Survey.pdf (235.4 KB)

Are all welcome to also respond… here is the survey again…

For quite some time now, searches return results from words/terms found in any part of a model - Title, Description and Tags when tags were still being used. Apparently now, results will also include models where just part of word causes a model to be included in a search. Looks like your search for ferris “wheel” or “wheels,” caused this model to come up because the word “wheeled” is in the description.

Annoying at best.

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the more filters the better

(Reference the survery)

I noticed that a few days ago. Quite disappointing considering the number of participants in this thread. Survey was posted and … CRICKETS!!