CityGML Plugins for Sketchup




I will make a 3D model of a city using CityGML, and I found that SketchUp is very helpful
I used this link ( to install CityGML plugins
But I don’t understand how to Translate Sketchup file to CityGML file
thank you for any help :slight_smile:

SketchUp and CityGML

These video tutorials might help …


thank you but in this video they used FME to translate sketchup file to CityGML

My issue How to install SketchUp CityGML plug-in: Convert SketchUp models into CityGML format


Read the product page, (there are links to user manuals.):


I added the extension city Editor in Sketchup, the problem that I can not export a .skp file to CityGML


I tried the same plugin. Its a trial/free version. The developers of the plugin don’t allow people who use that trial/free version to export (or do anything useful). De-installed after a few mins myself.


Please can you help me I need to generate a CityGML file format from file (
.skp ) in Sketchup



i’m one of the developers of the CityEditor and just stumbled across this thread and thought i could contribute some useful information for people who want to try out our extension:
It is indeed true that the CityEditor cannot be used right after the installation. You first have to request a license using the integrated request mechanism. Although a license has to be purchased eventually to keep using the CityEditor forever, first time user’s will receive a free, time-limited evaluation license granting full access to the CityEditor’s features.
After you’ve installed the CityEditor extension a dialog titled ‘First Steps’ should pop up explaining how to request a license. All of this is of course also documented in the user’s manual that can be downloaded from the CityEditor’s extension warehouse page.

Just give it a try! It really only takes seconds to request a license!


Hi, Nanou!

Have you figured out any way to convert 3D model in sketchup to citygml using sketchup plugin like from geores?

If you have, I’m in need of your help.

Thank you.


No, I always had even probleme whene I convert 3D model in sketchup to
citygml using plugin in this link


Hello, now there is a new version of the plugin available here:

There is better documentation now and it exports buildings, tunnels or bridges up to the LOD4 level. If you have troubles using the plugin, please let me know at smrcek77 at gmail . com