2019 and still SketchUP to CityGML

I would like to model some simple vegetation, city furniture and water body in SU and export the CityGML model. Is there a free, working plugin, or some good tutorial who show step by step how to do it manually and setting classes and attributes? I really would like to know from someone who already did it. Many Thanks!

P.S Please guys, I already checked all the links from previous posts about SU + CityGML plugins here, they all point to: discontinued versions, buggy or limited plugins (I do not want to model just building) or paid stuff (200 EUROS).

It’s always an option to learn ruby and write and share a plugin for this, most of the advanced plugin developers started this way…

I agree 100% Cotty. This is why I started to learn Python. I hope it will help me in a near future but for awhile it is too much for me to write a plugin.

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SketchUp does not have Python API.

Yes, I know. I just wanted to say that I started learn python to do my own stuff, as him suggested me.