Cheapest way to get Layout?

I only need Layout. What is the cheapest easiest way to get access to Layout?

The cheapest way to get LayOut is with a subscription to SketchUp Pro.

What is it you need LayOut for?

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Layout is Sketchup’s Achilles Heel. Impressive but the least impressive part of the kit. So it’s difficult to think of why anyone would want the worst bit! If it’s for 2D drawings, there are better options.

Very dumb… they should just sell Layout separately. For everyone that is happy to get it for free along with Pro, there are folks like me that don’t need Pro, or 3D modelling, etc… that just want a simple straight-forward 2D precision drawing program. For that task, Layout is just about the best app around.
They are leaving money laying on the ground. I would definitely pay a reasonable price for Layout, but have no interest in a Pro license.

LayOut is much more than a 2D drawing program. If that’s all you want there are plenty of 2D CAD programs out there and since you are a hobbyist, a number of free ones to choose from.